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Ready. Set. Sale.

To begin your sale, we will set you up with a consultation with one of our knowledgeable brokers. Our experts and mechanics will inspect your vessel from stem to stern to determine if any work needs to be done in order to maximize your profit. Together, we will build a plan to market and establish the proper steps needed to get your boat or yacht ready to sell. This process, start to finish, will be stress free and handled professionally. We understand that each sale is unique to the boat and it’s seller. Our team of full time mechanics and marine experts are soup to nuts here for you and offer resources that you can’t find elsewhere. 


Does your boat need an upgrade, or does it just need to go? Whether you know or are trying to decide, give us a call.


We will set-up an appointment to discuss your boat at length and complete a full inspection. Completing a full analysis will help us to determine a realistic sale price.


Our team will complete everything that was discussed in your consultation. Sometimes even a thorough power wash and minor fixes can attract more potential buyers. Our marketing experts will be working to develop a plan to help your boat stand out amongst the others on the market.


Price negotiation can be the hardest and most frustrating part when selling a boat. No sale lacks this headache which is why our experienced brokers will represent you in this stage of the process.


We always have someone on hand to answer your questions and keep you updated on the progress of your sale. 


When we have an interested buyer, we will assist in closing the deal. Lastly, we will set up any necessary transportation to get your boat to its new home.

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